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14 October 1989
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In bullet points? Yeesh. 22 year old student EngLit student, in my final year at university and no idea what's coming next. Any big revelations will probably be posted here...

bad habits

So many of them! Current main fandoms are BBC’s Merlin, the All-American Rejects and Alex Rider. I'm an almost slavish follower of Rule 34; if I can see it, I ship it... and write porn about it. Main ships tend to vary – I’ll write anything once! Also, fandom-wise, if it has pretty people and a passing excuse for a fun plot, you can bet I’ll be give it a go. /shallow
Alex Rider: my oldest fandom! Most of my fanfiction for it is on my fanfiction.net account, amitai, but I’ll be linking to new chapters from this journal, when they come out. Also, any higher-rating stuff is here; I’m not going to risk being thrown off ff.net for that.
Merlin: Merlin/Arthur, mainly. A fair list of fics for this fandom! Looking forward to lots of long, happy years with it. ^_^ And with the new series, this journal will probably become a lot more Merlin-orientated again.
The All-American Rejects: my newest fandom! Lots of fun; this band is RIDICULOUSLY awesome. *g* I do write un-locked RPS about them, though, so if that’s not your cup of tea, do please beware.
Obsessions outside the internet: my cats – I look forward to being a crazy cat lady when I grow up! – reading (handy for an Englit student!), music and plants. My jasmine plant holds a very special place in my heart.

partners in crime

First, most important point, my f-list is awesome. All of them. *snuggles*
All RL posts on this journal are f-locked. Not because I’m a fascinating person trying to withhold my pearls of wisdom for kicks and giggles, just because it makes sense not to have personal information floating around on the internet for anyone to find! ^_^
Fic is NOT f-locked. Not even the RPS I write! I’ve started, slowly, to get over my paranoia with the help of the “if you’re here by googling yourself” disclaimer.
I love making new friends. :D Seriously! It’s awesome. But please tell me why you’re friending me; fic? Which fandom? To see the RL posts? Drop me a line! I’d love to know.
Like I said, I love making new friends. So, in fact, drop me a line you fancy a chat about any fandoms, books... music... most anything, really! I can't promise to be interesting, but can promise to talk about any topic you like regardless of whether I know anything about it. ^_^

my comms
I'm a member of various comms, all of them run by people a lot more skilled than me; but these are either writing comms or comms I moderate, kept in one place so I don't lose track of them myself. ^_^
alexrider100: drabble comm with weekly prompts for the Alex Rider fandom.
ami_n_von: co-created with miso_licious, a writing journal for Alex Rider dribs and drabbles.
aar_capslock: co-modded with popcultaddict and lullula, for capslock!squee over The All-American Rejects.
merlinadvent: Christmas comes but once a year! And that's when merlinadvent steps in. Co-modded with various peopleand for which I can take no credit whatsoever. It is fun, though.
xari_xryso_fic: set up with xrysomou for our fic, both independently and co-written.

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