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Fanfiction Masterlist

This is a comprehensive list of all the fanfiction I've written; even the embarrassing stuff. ^_^ Please be aware that it is fairly evenly split between fic here on livejournal and on fanfiction.net.

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Please see Our Fanfiction Masterlist on xari_xryso_fic for everything co-written with xrysomou, including our bandombigbang fic and our long AAR RPS. ^_^

I'm in love!

...with everyone in this video. Thank god gay marriage (or, as I call it, 'marriage') is legal here! Now for polyamorous marriage. (Though, of course, polyamory is wrong: polyphilia or multiamory please! :D) ('Polyphilia does sound like 'polyfiller', though, so maybe it's for the best.)

Anyway, just discovered this band (Delta Rae) thanks to xrysomou and I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO CAN. They are fantastic. Check out the video for 'Bottom of the River' if you want chills running down your spin, or 'Dancing in the Graveyard' for the most upbeat song about death you'll ever hear. :P

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Is this thing on? I COME BEARING FIC

Well, this is a turn up for the books! I feel like Mushu: I LIIIIIIIVE!

I'm sure you're all just devastated I've been gone. :D As an apology, I have fic? (I know. Hush now.)

Title: Reverse, Rewind (Click to go to AO3)
Rating: PG
Warnings: ANGST. If it's done right, have some tissues handy?
Word Count: 953 (shortest ever!)
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine.

Summary: Reincarnation!Fic. Merlin waited for so long for them to live again; he forgot how to do it himself.

...but of course, it's angst. Probably not well-done angst, but angst all the same. IDEK, I despise myself.

I've been busy these last few months - REALLY enjoying my MA, loving my coursemates to bits, generally working out what it feels like to have a "life" (which is something of which I have heard tell before, but never possessed myself - and tbh, having one feels a lot like having new clothes which were bought for me by someone else. They're absolutely gorgeous, but they don't fit quite right...)

But enough about me! How is everyone else? *chinhands*


First off, happy christmas, guys! Second off, sorry for not being around, life has been pretty manic for the last few - well, months. I hope everyone's well and happy, and has had a good day today!

To get down to brass tacks - xrysomou and I are going to have a marathon of Merlin S5 before it disappears from iPlayer in a few days, but I am woefully uninformed. Could some kind friend who feels the need to unburden their soul through the medium of charity gimme a quick few pointers on series 3/4? I caught bits and pieces here and there, and IMDB is making my computer die. I don't trust anyone else but IMDB and you! Yes, you!

Help me, LJ-wan-Kenobi! You're my only hope...

Anyway, Merlin aside, how is everyone? Quick update on my life, because it's just fascinating, dahling: Started my MA course at King's College, living with my brother, all is well. I liiiive! And have written 11 000+ words of an Inspector Lewis fic with alpha/beta/omega dynamics. Yes. I despise myself.

There is really nothing else to report! All is well, and whatever stress there is is minor compared to Real Life stress, so no complaints here. Except that I am swamped with essays - anyone fancy taking on an essay on the relationship between information and ideology? ...No?

Me either.

I leave you all for that, but how are you all? It's been aaaaages.
Title: Come Gladly Away 4/?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None for this part. Past chapters include some mentioned discrimination against mental illness. Also, references to attempted non-con.
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur (pre-slash)
Word Count: 4293 for this part
Disclaimer: NOT MINE. Merlin is the property of Shine and the BBC; I just like telling lies in my free time.

Summary: Merlin was banished from Camelot five years ago, after an incident revealed his magic - and no one has heard of him since. Arthur is now King, and he wants him back.

AN: Horrifyingly, the last chapter of this was posted in 2009. In other news, I suck. If ANYONE is still reading this, I'm so sorry! This chapter is up because I finished my degree a couple of weeks ago, and magog_83 has an amazing amount of faith and patience. I hereby dedicate this story to her, and I'm sure she'll one day get over the shame of that. :D

Previous Chapter:
Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Part Four
Posted at xari_xryso_fic, crossposted here and at merlinxarthur. Apologies for any spam!


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2012 brings you everything you deserve, need and want. \o/

Merlin 4.Whatever

Cut for spoilers!Collapse )

It cut out altogether after that, so forgive the shortness of this whole thing. :D To iPlayer! More may come later. (Be afraid. Be very afraid. :D)

(Also, 'smippet'. New word. ¬_¬)

So true...

-Source, vitundarvakning on tumblr

Urgh, so annoying and so true. The baseline of normal barely works.
Title: Leading the Revolution (In my Bedroom)
Authors: xaritomene and xrysomou
Pairings: *deep breath* Nick/Tyson, Brendon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Ryland/Vicky-T, Frank/Gerard, Mike/Kevin, teeny bit of Bob/Mikey, the usual suspects and a load of gen. (bands: All-American Rejects, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, My Chemical Romance and The Academy Is... and the Jonas Brothers)
Rating: Soft R
Warnings: language, drunkenness, boys being boys and general revelry.
Word Count: 15, 432
Disclaimer: Not ours, we are not affiliated with these people in any way and nor would they want us to be. Title by Panic! at the Disco.
Cheerled by the incomparably lovely fortune8 and whocares19_05.

Summary: It's Finals Night. Everyone's wary of Finals Night. A Bandom College AU.

Part 1 - Part 2

Crossposted to our journals, aar_capslock and sodamnskippy. Sorry for any spam!
Originally posted by tinlizzie82 at Just in case Mississippi seems too far away
I imagine many of you have seen the reposted entry in protest of the Mississippi Personhood Amendment that would grant any fertilized egg the same legal status as an actual live person, thereby outlawing abortion, some forms of birth control and criminalizing miscarriages.

But there is also a threat on a national level. Today the House passed HR 358, which they are calling the Protect Life Act (or for those who oppose it the "Kill Women Bill") , a bill that would allow hospitals receiving federal aid to turn away women who need an abortion even if it is necessary to protect the health of the mother. While this bill is not in danger of becoming law, Obama has said he will veto it and it lacks the votes to overturn that veto, it is indicative of the fragile position of the pro choice contingent in this country and another volley in the right wing onslaught against reproductive rights. One of the most frightening things is that the bill's proponents are trying to frame it as an attack on Obamacare, an more widely unpopular measure, rather than a direct attack on abortion and the general public is not discerning enough to understand this.

This article gives a good overview of the bill, Obama's Statement of Administrative Policy against it, and how it relates to laws aready in place and previous failed attacks on abortion.

The fact that this bill will most likely never make it all the way into policy is no reason to ignore it. Complacency is dangerous and we can best raise our voices by contacting our local representatives and making our views known. You can also contact the Democratic National Committee HERE or the Republican National Committee HERE (click on the contact congress button, the actual page was down, supposedly for service).

Historically, the pro life lobby has not had a majority when it comes to public opinion but it has always been very vocal. In this time of concerted attacks on our reproductive rights, we need to change that and make our views heard loud and clear before it is too late. So contact your local representative, post about this on your LJ or just hit the button below.

Fic: Raise Heaven: Merlin: Merlin/Arthur

Title: Raise Heaven
Author: xaritomene
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit sex, mentions of pseudo-prostitution.
Word Count: 4615
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Disclaimer: I own nothing of 'Merlin'. Nor, I have to say, would I want to; I much prefer telling fun and filthy lies on LJ. ^_^

Summary: When Merlin needs money, he tries the oldest trick in the book to get it. Arthur disapproves, but he's not above taking advantage of it (and it all turns out alright in the end, anyway).

(OK, sod it, look - in my head, the summary for this one is 'Prostitution is the world's oldest profession (but Merlin, dear sir, is nothing like a professional)'. This is what you get for listening to far too much Cobra Starship. It rots the brain, kiddies!)

AN: Written for lies_d, who won a story from me at help_japan. I hope it comes close to what you were looking for! Thank you for your generosity, and also your lovely prompt - I had huge fun writing it. :D

Fic: The Queen and Us: AAR: Nick/Tyson

Title: The Queen and Us
Authors: xrysomou and xaritomene
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Word Count: 4320
Pairing: Pairing is not the focus, but background Nick/Tyson
Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of these people, and everything herein is a filthy, disgusting lie. Also, Mike isn't really a mad defender of the proletariat. And Chris is almost certainly not a closet royalist who's bought a commemorative 'Will&Kate' mug.

We hope.

Summary: AAR watch the Royal Wedding. No, we don't know either.

AN 1: So, apparently some girl got married to some guy today, and it was kind of a big deal. Driven mad by union jack bunting with people's faces on it, we wrote this.
AN 2: We're really very, very sorry.

Crossposted to aar_capslock, rejectedfic, here, and our private journals. Sorry for any spam!


Originally posted by lavenderfrost at ...WTF.

Some additional links:

The New York Times' 'Apology', in which they say the story 'lacked balance', when in fact, objectivity can be gained in this story without needing the slightest bit of 'balance'. There is photographic and video evidence of this nightmare. There doesn't need to be an 'innocent until proven guilty' mentality when guilt has already been proved; if the sympathetic focus is not with the victim, I think you're doing it wrong, and you can, with the greatest respect, take your balance and shove it.

The Careless Language of Sexual Violence, an article in response to the New York Times', dealing with how pervasive these victim-blaming, rape-culture attitudes can be and how the language of reporting sexual assault should be more carefully looked at. Also includes the titles of some books I'm going to be reading the minute I get the chance.


So, I am so incredibly late with this. I managed exactly no bingos that I signed up for, but I have fic written for all of them, because I am apparently fail incarnate. Sadly, y'all can look forward to whatever hc_bingo and kink_bingo fics I manage to get out. *sigh*, self. *SIGH*.

But here, with no further ado: schmoop_bingo fics! It remains to be seen whether the lovely mods over at the main comm will allow my entry through, but the fics are up at xari_xryso_fic, so I'm cross-posting them here (there, and everywhere; apologies for those of you who got horribly spammed!).

But I will do it under a cut, since there are five of the little buggers, and I don't want to eat anyone's flist more than I already have/will.

Bare bones:

Fandoms: bandom (Skippyfic (Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden), My Chemical Romance, The All-American Rejects) and Alex Rider
Prompts: Spooning, Sunburn, Serenade, sick in bed and wooing/courtship, respectively.

Here be the ficsCollapse )
Title: Incentive
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of sex, contrivedness
Word Count: ~1500ish
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the people mentioned, and everything you read here is a filthy, filthy lie.
Summary: Gerard's sleeping habits are crap, and Frank desperately wants a good night's sleep. Clearly, some positive reinforcement is in order.

AN: Written for bandomvalentine, for the prompt: "MCR fic, shmoopy fluffy awesome frank/gerard, Cuddling and naps are awesome too!" Not sure that I managed the awesome, but I had fun with the cuddling and the naps; thank you, prompter!
Thanks go to ashling_lily and lullula who cheerled and bullied me through writing it, and nuclearxsquid who read it over and gave me the courage to actually, y'know, post. Also, first solo-written MCR fic! Be gentle?

Also, only just in time, sorry! Might I please have an author tag?
Title: Most Delicious Poison (And You're the Cure, Too)
Rating: Light R
Pairing: Nick/Tyson
Warnings: um, teenage boys making out. Which, handily, is also a summary.
Word Count: 3268
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the people mentioned, and everything you read here is a filthy, filthy lie.
Summary: Teenage boys making out; Nick and Tyson are eighteen and sixteen respectively, it's the summer before Nick goes off to college, and the band is kind of nascent right now. But that mostly takes a back seat to the kissing.

(or, since this is apparently the only way I can think about this fic: bb!boyfrenz make-out fic! \0/)

AN: The only way this could be considered a PWP is if the value for 'PWP' was 'Porn without Porn', which would just be silly, so it is a KWP - Kissing Without Plot. (and it's the most kissing I've ever written ever, so, please be kind?) Beta'd by my dearest xrysomou.

I clearly decided that FOB's titles were the Best Thing Ever and decided to mimic them in length; the title is a mash-up (a horrible, horrible mashup) of Cleopatra's line from Antony and Cleopatra, "Now I feed myself with most delicious poison" and AAR's song, 'The Poison'.)

Cross-posted here at my personal journal, rejectedfic, bandslashmania and aar_capslock. Apologies to those of you who got spammed!


So here's the deal, guys and girls: I'm doing this degree thing, right, and to my utter shock, it actually needs some, you know, concentration. And since I have no willpower worth speaking of, I'm declaring a technologically enforced:


By 'semi-hiatus', I mean I'll only be able to access livejournal during the weekend (thanks to this lovely little add-on, LeechBlock, shared with me by the great and wonderful popcultaddict. LiveJournal will be blocked during the week, along with Dreamwidth, FanFiction.Net, AO3 and delicious. Because I need to get some work done, yo, and where willpower fails clearly technology is willing to back me up.

Gotta love it.

The other thing is, I'm going to be unchecking the option which automatically signs me in to msn, so those of you I keep in touch with that way will also probably only get hold of me (should you wish to!) on the weekends.

The only lj site I'm going to keep available is aar_capslock, so that I can do daily pic if/when required. :D

This hiatus is gonna start tomorrow, since today is travel-back-up-to-Durham day, and I hate long journeys, so fanfic will be my reward when I stumble into my house at half midnight tonight.

Anyway, I will see y'all soon, my lovelies! I hope 2011 is going well for all of you!


Title: Set Upon The Western Ways
Warnings: strong language, mentions of sex, and some misogynistic sentiments from ol' Arthur. There are minor spoilers for a Season 1 episode, also.
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: R, mostly for language
Word Count: 2497
Summary: Arthur's just had a bad break up - he just wants to drink himself into forgetfulness. He's really not expecting to drink himself into remembrance. Modern!AU

AN: For winterstorrm for merlin_santa - for the prompt: 'barman!merlin (optional) and hipbones (pleeease)!'. I'm afraid hipbones only get some love towards the end, but there is definite barman!Merlin! I hope you like it, and happy very belated Christmas/New Year!

Title is a bastardisation of a line from May Wedderburn-Cannan's poem, Lamplight.

Huge, HUGE thanks go to my impromptu beta ashling_lily, who looked this over and just about saved me from a pit of writing despair. ^_^

Set on the Western WaysCollapse )


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